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Building people and ideas


Stand for something. Make your life mean something.
Start where you are with what you have. You are enough.
– Germany Kent.


The mental health & happiness program for youth

Road to Happiness

Because we believe that

  1. We need a revolution in health education
  2. We can prepare students to thrive in the 21st century
  3. Mental health is something we train – not have
  4. Loneliness is just as damaging as smoking
  5. We can make a difference, we ACT

…we have developed the Road to Happiness Program.

In October 2021, we ran the pilot in Sicily, Italy, with 40 young people aged 18 to 30 from eight different countries.

Now we are bringing it to Luxembourg, from 14th of May.


Mental & Physical Health
Proper food, sleep, exercise, fresh air

Reflection, breaks, connecting

Way of working

Non-formal, human centered, actionable
We combine theoretical input with experiential learning to trigger lifelong learning. Sessions include also discussion and self-reflection rounds.

Youth empowerment

Long term support
A future with endless possibilities and access to international opportunities. Supporting youth from developing themselves and accompanying them on their entrepreneurial or professional journey.


Youth voices

Meet Kyra

Kyra is our amazing partner, that leads the engagement with Luxembourg Youth Houses.


Kyra attended the Italy pilot. Hear in her own words, what the program is and how it improved her sense on belonging.


Benefits for Life
Short term

Improved self-confidence & self-awareness. Decision on continuation of education / vocational training


Mid term

Increased mental health of young people. Easier transitions from school / university to work.


Long term

Resilient and Empowered. Higher income. Improved mental health. Reliable network of alumni

You can contribute


If you are a school, you might be interested in running a pilot project for your students on your premises.


If you are a company or an institution, you might be interested in financing a part of the project.


If you believe this project should be available to young people, please share the details of the project with your network.

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