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The resilience & well-being program for youth

Application for Youth Worker Training OPEN NOW

Participate in the youth worker training from the 2nd to the 11th of September 2023.

Meet other youth workers, teachers, professors from 5 countries.

Learn how to facilitate the training with and for young people in an 8-day training.


Particpate in the 12-month supervision & coaching session without additional cost to keep developing your workshop & training skills.

Road to Happiness

Because we believe that

  1. We need a revolution in health education
  2. We can prepare students to thrive in the 21st century
  3. Resilience is something we train – not have
  4. We can make a difference, we ACT

…we have developed the Road to Happiness Program.

For young people 16-29

A project with and for young people, working together to meet their needs.

Workshops, exchanges and a digital app (end of 2023). Learn at your own pace, connect with others.

All year long

Languages: LU, DE, EN, FR

For youth workers & teachers

A training program for youth workers and teachers in Luxembourg.

Learn about the different modules and design your personalized program for your community.

4 x 2 days

Languages: LU, DE, EN

Our journey over the years – Program development

2021: Pilot project in Italy, 8 countries, 40 young people

2020: Researching the topic of mental health & resilience in youth

2022: „Road to Happiness“ project in Luxembourg with the LTPES and youth house Rumelange

2023: „Happiness for You(th)“ – Training for youth worker & professors


Youth voices from the project in Italy

Meet Kyra – our ambassador

Wondering how youth from Luxembourg is experiencing it?

Kyra is an educator in training from Luxembourg who has joined the program since the pilot in Italy.

Get another insight what the program is about and how it has impacted her.


Activities & events around the project


Benefits for Life

Short term

Improved self-confidence & self-awareness. Decision on continuation of education / vocational training


Mid term

Increased mental health of young people. Easier transitions from school / university to work.


Long term

Resilient and Empowered. Higher income. Improved mental health. Reliable network of alumni

You can contribute


If you are a school, you might be interested in running a pilot project for your students on your premises.


If you are a company or an institution, you might be interested in financing a part of the project.


If you believe this project should be available to young people, please share the details of the project with your network.

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