human potential Coaching

EmTrace® Coaching

We help you solving problems that feel unsolvable.

Identifying emotional stress traces and solving them in a targeted manner based on current scientific findings.


Human potential

We help you discovering your strengths, skills and values.

Learning more about yourself and get ready to face upcoming challenges – future projects, a different career or a new job role.



We help you starting your own project or company.

Supporting you in becoming the person who’s capable of running your own show – including providing knowledge on how to start.


What Is it?

Emtrace® Coaching

is a process like solving a Rubik’s cube, and helpful when rational and logical thinking has reached its limits. At first it seems almost impossible to complete the sides – big challenges and emotional struggles often feel just the same unsolvable.

HUman potential Coaching 

is a process to gain self-awareness. To find out about your strengths and gaps to bridge between who you are and who you’d like to be. Learn strategies to live the life you decide on.

Entrepreneur coaching

is for all who consider to start their own business and are missing a bit of motivation, courage or knowledge where to start.

Our Approach

Taking on a „person-centered coaching“ approach. The focus is on your needs, values, goals, and personal context. Self-awareness, self-discovery, and personal growth happen by placing you at the center of the coaching process. We emphasize your autonomy and we believe that you have the internal resources needed for growth and development.

With Compassion, Courage and Authenticity.


How It Works?

Schedule your 1:1 Call

Coaching is a process where two people meet on eye level. To make sure you get the most out of your journey, the chemistry between the coachee and coach should fit, and you feel comfortable.

Choose a Coaching Plan

Depending on your current challenge and your future plans.

Reach Your Goals

If you feel comfortable, all that’s left is getting started. Each process takes its own time, hence a session lasts between 50-90 minutes.

Voices & experiences

„Michelle is an empathetic and compassionate coach. During our coaching session, she helped to guide myself towards a better understanding of my own behavior patterns and how they influence myself and people around me. She has further led many group exercises in my professional network in creative and exciting ways, helping people to bond and reflect.“

Emanuel Jöbstl

Co-Founder Authory, Global Community Director Sigma Squared Society

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